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About Me

Hi, I am Sophia!

Most people say I have a loud laugh and it is true – always smiling and laughing loud, That’s me! I Like to believe that some of the most important matters in life are to be genuine, kind and to laugh easily.


I have a university background in Psychology and Child Development, and I’ve been practising Energy Healing for several years.

Right after university, I worked as an estate agent in London. After almost a year, I had to quit as I realized I was exhausting my physical and mental health. I was becoming sleep deprived, waking up every 2-3 hours worried about the alarm and if I had missed it. I had forgotten about my healthy eating habits and faced a serious hormonal imbalance that was affecting my wellbeing.


At that point, I made the choice to leave my job and decided to change the direction of my life. First, I promised myself that I would avoid that level of unnecessary stress that I was getting from work and dedicate myself to my own well-being. Second, that work would never be a burden again, by doing truly what my heart wants. So the result of this was a new country, new people and a new set of priorities to focus on. What a great feeling!


So, preoccupied about the 9 to 5 office work shifts and wanting to help myself and others heal of the side-effects of this lifestyle, here I am, at your disposal. I use all the teachings from my own life experiences, the courses and workshops I do all the time to help myself and others who want to change their lives for the better. 


Why Nomad's Garden? I see myself as a  nomad for three reasons: 1) I love travelling, 2) I practice astral journeying to discover various matters with my spiritual guides, 3) I consider healing to be a journey on the path of growth. So welcome everyone to my Nomad’s Garden! You are all invited to travel with me on the path of growth and healing.


The Yogis



Célia, is passionate about dance since childhood. She practices classical dance, modern jazz and flamenco. A few years ago, she was looking for something else and discovered Vinyasa Yoga, which was a revelation! She started by doing Vinyasa 200 hours Yoga training, and quickly specialised into Kid’s Yoga and Restorative Yoga (25 hours). 
“The practice of Yoga has allowed me to focus on myself and discover myself. It gave me the tools to advance my dancing practice and in my everyday life. It is a practice that I enjoy passing on to others”.


Natalie's love for yoga was ignited during her first trip to Bali. Since then she has completed a 200 YTT and is now a qualified yoga instructor offering private and group classes. Her classes are Hatha Vinyasa and are suitable for all ages and abilities. Natalie enjoys connecting with people through the power of yoga and her true joy lies in witnessing people move out of fear and into love with every class. She is deeply dedicated in offering an open space where people can connect mind, body and soul in the journey of self-discovery. ️

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Do you need more information about the events ? Contact me.


Géraldine's first steps in the yoga world (in 2003) was not love at first sight. She was dealing with physical and emotional pain and paradoxically did not want to let go of that pain. A couple of years and great teachers later she realized how Yoga could help her balance all aspects of her life by bringing her to a space of clarity. Passionate about anatomy and deeply inspired by Taoism, Géraldine completed a 300-hour Yoga Teacher and Yogic Lifestyle Immersion (RYS 200) with Robbie Makroczy, and a 70-hour Yin YTT with Joe Barnett. She's been sharing her experience by leading Hatha, Yin, and Vinyasa yoga classes (public,  private,  and corporate) since 2016.