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It is important to be able to step back from everyday life, stress and routines and check-in with ourselves: “Am I happy?” “Am I on my path?” “Am I complete?” “What needs to change in my life to make it better?” “Where are my priorities?”

A retreat is a moment to do just that
The natural environment is healing because it is a return to our roots, 
to simple life. Diminished sensory stimulation and pollution provide a break for the brain and body to recover. Did you know that our body and mind are actually able to heal by themselves if in the right environment? By intoxicating it every day with pollution, noise and stress, the body misses its own capacity to detox. Take out these elements and it will start recovering and rejuvenating itself already!

Our retreats give you the opportunity to reconnect and reboot in connection to the peace of nature, the heat of the sun and the beach and a relaxing schedule with Yoga, Pilates, Dance, healthy food, massages… and of course much Love and Laughter! We also add individual energy healing sessions to enhance the power of these elements in this cleansing process. The aim is to help you clear your mind, and re-centre to your essence – a body, mind and spiritual experience!

Check out our retreats, schedule and book the perfect one for you!

Upcoming Retreats


2 days. 2 nights

20th-21st & 22nd of March 2020

Restorative Yoga/Reiki W-E

Ardennes, Belgium

2 days. 2 nights

Discover Aphrodite's island with Yoga, boating in the blue lagoons and hiking on Aphrodite's path.

A week in Cyprus

23rd to 30th of May 2020

8 days. 7 nights

Past Retreats Gallery 

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